Osee Technology Ltd. has been a leading manufacturer of monitoring products for filmmakers in China since its foundation in 2001.

Osee emphasizes innovation and technology while maintaining high standards for product quality and customer service. We proudly develop and manufacture to accommodate world-class film product needs. To accomplish this, Osee maintains a tight relationship with our users, dealers and system integrators in the design process. This partnership allows us to use the latest technologies in our product designs to respond to the rapidly changing market needs and develop high performance solutions with innovative feature sets while maintaining competitive pricing.

Osee has always kept a core as its mission to design its monitoring products for filmmakers with the ideas from filmmakers, cinematographers and DITs, who have been working in the industry for years.

Helping filmmakers to get better quality image, facilitating their work flow and expressing their creation and imagination without boundary serve Osee's highest priority.

Osee will keep on designing innovative products with affordable price to help filmmakers to realize their vision.